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Best VPN for Iran

Posted by vpnforiran on May 22nd, 2012

We are living in the world where Internet is undivided part of day by day life for millions of people. Every day you browse websites, services, tools and can get an access to tones of information. We use social networking sites, watch videos, and connect with other people in the Internet. But in many countries like Iran, China, Oman, Belize, Saudi and others Internet users cannot access lots of popular websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

Internet restrictions are present in many countries. Iran is among the countries with the strongest Internet censorship in the world. Since March 2012 government control the Internet activity of every person in the country.

Numerous content filters and speed restrictions that is what Internet in Iran is. The only good thing is that all these limits are implemented only for people who are located in the country or being more resized who have Iranian IP address. And this point is the solution for the issue.

Changing IP address you can bypass Internet censorship in Iran and unblock websites.

All international content is filtered and millions of websites are blocked in the country.

VPN for Iran or Proxy service are perfect solution for the problem.

Both methods can hide real IP address and so help you to access blocked websites in Iran.

What is the difference between proxy and VPN for Iran?

Proxy is applied only to your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) while with VPN tunnel in Iran all your application works via vpn and helps to hide real IP location.

Both tools hide real ip. When you open some website you are routed via the proxy or vpn. This is secure and helps to bypass web restrictions in Iran and get an access to blocked content. Though many proxy services are blocked in Iran.

VPN or virtual private network is much more secure solution because unlike proxy it encrypts all your internet access and codes all the traffic passed via VPN tunnel.

To unblock sites in Iran you can use USA vpn, Europe vpn, Canadian VPN and others depending on your needs.

VPN service be used on various devices like PC, Mac, ipad, ipod touch, android, ipod, xbox, PS3, roku and others gadgets which supports vpn technology. Here you can find vpn setup guides for different devices and operational systems.

VPN for Iran is a safe, secure and reliable method to bypass Internet restrictions in Iran and unblock sites in Iran.

Enjoy your security with VPN in Iran.

How to buy vpn in Iran

If you need a reliable vpn for Iran you might have some troubles during the order process.

The point is that due to American embargo billing companies cannot process the payments from Iran.

There are several solutions that can help you buy vpn for Iran.

1. If you are just going to Iran you can buy vpn account before your trip to this country.

2. You can ask your friend or some person from outside the Iran to buy vpn for you.

3. If you have a credit card of another country you can buy vpn in Iran masking your real IP address.

4. You can ask your vpn service provider for a help and in most cases they can help you to buy vpn service in Iran